Monomealing: The Orginal Human Diet?

Tia Abbas

A few weeks ago, I tried out something called “monomealing”. Never heard of this before? Neither had I. 

What is a monomeal?

A monomeal is a meal comprised of one (mono) food, usually raw fruit. It may sound boring, but if you’ve ever tried it out then you know how satisfying and tasty it actually is. And yes, it is possible to feel full and satiated with simple monomeals. From my experience, you’ll not only feel satisfied, but also feel light and highly energized. I tried it out for about 10 days, eating 2-3 monomeals a day while somedays still enjoying some cooked or complex foods.

Reasons to try monomealing

Mother nature: Many believe that humans were designed to monomeal. Think about the way things used to be before agriculture. Now imagine that you’re wandering and starving… All of a sudden you come across a fruit tree. Naturally, you would stop under the tree and eat until you feel full and satiated.

Simplicity: Indulging in monomealing brings you in tune with simplicity. One texture, one flavour and one experience helps you to really appreciate the beauty and the simple complexity of one food.

Energy: Our bodies use carbohydrates as fuel and the type of carbs we’re consuming is important. Fruit is an unrefined carbohydrate that’s loaded with fiber, which slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream, gives us a steady stream of energy and is packed with vital nutrients that help our bodies to thrive.

Detox: Monomealing gives your body time to rest from all the complex and processed foods that a lot of us are used to eating. It’s beneficial to eat one monomeal a day to keep our digestive tract happy and healthy as it’s an easy way to detox and still keep yourself full and satisfied, so you can go on with your day.

Science: Different enzymes are needed to break down proteins, carbs, fats and sugars. Frequently eating complex meals can be taxing on the digestive system for this reason. The acids in our system can cancel out enzymes which can in turn cause food to ferment or decompose rather than be digested. Undigested food can then lead to problems such as indigestion, bloating, and gas.

My Experience with Monomealing

After adopting a raw vegan diet, I started incorporating daily monomeals. At first, I didn’t feel completely satiated as I was used to eating such a variety of foods and flavours in one sitting. But after some time, I felt my digestion greatly improve and naturally, my mood and health as well, so it definitely grew on me. 

Fruit is easily digested, rich in nutrients, and provides us with a great source of energy, while hydrating and cleansing our body. The way I see it, when you eat a monomeal of a certain type of fruit, you are essentially helping cleanse your body by hydrating and moving out so much of the accumulated waste in your colon. 

The more I stick to monomeals, the more I’m noticing an increase in my energy levels, ridding of old mucus from my body, a cleared mind, less bloating, and an appreciation for food and it’s healing powers. 

Simplicity seems to be key for a lot of things in life, maybe it is the key to eating as well? As the saying goes… the proof is in the pudding. Give it a try and see how you feel. 🙂 


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Tia Abbas

Tia Abbas

Hi! I'm Tia. Welcome to my recipe blog where I share my love for plant based foods and holistic health!

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Hi! I'm Tia. Welcome to my recipe blog where I share my love for plant based foods and holistic health!

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